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Legal Nurse Consulting

World Nurse Consulting provides highly credible legal nurse consulting services where medical professionals can find the expert legal advice they need. As a team of professionals, we offer a full suite of consulting services tailored to meet the unique challenges you face in the legal realm of the medical field.

With our extensive expert background, we apply unbiased, independent, professional opinions on the standard of care and medical cases. To request a confidential consultation with a member of our renowned team, we welcome you to call (808) 859-7099.

Why You Need Our Legal Consulting Services

Navigating the intersection of healthcare and the law can be daunting for any nurse. That's where we come in. With our specialized expertise, we offer you invaluable assistance in understanding the legal framework of the medical field.

From ensuring compliance with regulations and standards to guiding documentation and risk management, our consulting services are designed to help you confidently navigate the complexities of the legal landscape. By working with our team, you can enhance your knowledge, mitigate potential risks, and protect your professional reputation.

Request A Confidential Consultation

To get to know each other better and understand the problem you face, World Nurse Consulting offers confidential consultations. Our one-on-one meeting involves thoroughly reviewing your legal concerns and an in-depth discussion to identify potential strategies and solutions. Beyond this, we’ll explore various aspects of your case, including medical malpractice claims, compliance issues, or workplace disputes—whichever applies to your situation. By the end of our consultation, you’ll gain clarity and actionable insights to address your legal challenges effectively.

Please note that this service has a consultation fee of $175.00. Considering the valuable expertise and support you’ll receive to navigate the legal intricacies impacting your nursing profession, it's a small investment.

Consulting Services from A Licensed, Qualified Nurse

World Nurse Consulting is built on over ten years of hands-on, professional experience and certified academic credentials. Our founder holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Studies. Additionally, she is Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, equipped with specialized training to handle cases involving sexual assault and domestic violence.

With experience dating back to 2012, she’s worked in various hospitals and has gained valuable insights into different healthcare systems and their legal implications. Her international expertise expands across countries, including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti, Tanzania, Germany, the USA, and Canada. This has allowed her to understand the diverse challenges nurses face in rural and urban settings.

Specializing in labor and delivery (L&D), sexual assault, and domestic violence cases, her expertise enables her to provide targeted guidance and support in these critical areas. She’s well-versed in relevant laws, protocols, and best practices, ensuring she can offer the highest level of assistance.

Reach Out to World Nurse Consulting for Nurse Consulting Services

When you’re looking for a reputable legal nurse consulting service, World Nurse Consulting’s licensed professionals are happy to assist. To schedule your confidential consultation, please get in touch by calling (808) 859-7099.

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